Alniz A.Ş, focuses on protecting the environment for the complete production range and aims to avoid any harm done to the environment due to the production methods.

Especially for visual communication sector, many kinds of production are present and unfortunately these cannot be inspected, we hold these ethical values above all while people are losing their responsibility for the environment.

Alniz environment policies are:

·         Comply with all national and local law, legislation and regulations and make sure it is up to date. 

·         Announce the policies to the employees, clients, suppliers and all related parties, publish and create environment responsibility at all related parties.

·         Define the environmental borders, identify the types and harms of environmental impact.

·         Supply the recycle process of the wastes arising during the production or the production process, dispose of the waste at the closest place.

·         Organizing trainings and educational programs for the employees and suppliers in order to create environment responsibility and sensitivity. 

·         Accept leaving a livable environment to the future generations as a responsibility and mission. 

·         State the improvements each year according to the aims and targets.

·         Develop the environment management system under these moral principle. 

We are sharing our environment policies and values with you and we expect your ideas in order to develop and expand it together.

The management will be following the environment policy and targets that had been undertaken.

General Manager